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Ortal Front 130 - 170H


Ortal Single-Sided Gas Fireplace - Models Front 130 - 170H

Due to Ortal’s vast range of single-sided gas fireplaces, we have broken them into 3 groups. This is the range of medium-sized models; This group includes Front 130, Front 130H, Front 150, Front 150H, Front 170 & Front 170H.

Beautifully integrated into walls and architectural elements, Ortal’s modern front-facing built-in wall fireplaces make this classic positioning extraordinary. Perfect for when you want to combine the classic charm of a front-facing fireplace with the revolutionary performance of Ortal’s modern gas fireplaces, which provide heat to the room while remaining safe to the touch and cool enough for surrounding decor.


  • Additional components required - Flueing is not included.
  • Optional Wifi module to use the Ortal App - additional cost applies.
  • Frameless design
  • Power flue system option
  • Power flue allows you to run the flue in any direction (up to 36m)
  • Cool wall technology
  • Minimum TV clearance above the fireplace - 305mm
  • Two safety fronts - Double glass or mesh screen.
  • Sizes available - Width 740mm to 2440mm
  • Built-in, recessed lighting included.