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Due to high demand, our in-home servicing is getting booked out quickly so book it in before it is too late by booking online or calling our team in our showroom on (02) 9524 1856.

Thank you for your patience during this unusual time of isolation in this cold snap. 

– The Hot Water & Heating Team


Hot Water & Heating specialises in the service, repair and maintenance of gas appliances; hot water units, portable heaters, flued heaters and fireplaces. 

We specialise in the following brands: Rinnai, Escea, Jetmaster, Heat & Glo, Everdure, Archer, Bosch, Ortal. 

In most cases, a service will resolve the most common faults encountered. 

It is important to have your gas appliance serviced every 2 years (if older than 10 years, then it should be looked at annually) because an unsafe appliance can fill your home with dangerous carbon monoxide. 

Servicing will ensure that your home is safe and extend the life of your gas heater as it will need fewer repairs and will be safe to run and operate efficiently for years to come. 

The buildup of dirt and dust in and around the key components in your appliance like the pilot and fan, can cause the appliance to cut out/turning off or start to smelling a bit ‘dirty’ when being operated – in most of cases it is rectified by being cleaned out during a service.


What is done during a heater service:

  • Overall operational assessment
  • Inspection of the gas connection.
  • Remove all internal dust particle build-up from the internal components of the unit.
  • Inspection of the gas injectors.
  • Setting gas pressures to the manufacturer's standards.
  • Perform a carbon monoxide (CO) test
  • Run appliance for full operational assessment
  • Check your appliance is working to correct safety standards.
  • Fully sanitised as per our COVID-19 safety protocols.